Doing Good: FH Team Cleans Stadium Storage Area

Stadium Storage Space Clean-out for FH 7313 006.jpg

Volunteers from the EHS field hockey team (Bri Baker, Hannah Cooper and Megan Maggio), plus EHS FH alum Heidi Fitch Dufresne (class of 1980), Coach Adams and Coach Fischer worked to create useable storage space under the stadium for field hockey equipment. It took approximately four hours to empty out the storage area and "repack" the contents in order to create the field hockey storage space. The photo gallery below show the transition, which is SIGNIFICANT. 

Below is the email Head Athletic Trainer Jarett Rhoads sent out to all coaches after he saw what we accomplished in the storage area:

Hi All Coaches,
The field hockey program spent the better part of the last four hours this morning organizing and cleaning the storage space under the stadium.  As many of you know, since the unloading of the tractor trailers it has been quite a mess under there. We really appreciate their efforts, taking this on of their own volition.  We ask that you respect their hard work and do your part to keep this space clean and organized.  We all share the use of this space and it is important that it remains functional. Thank you,
Jarett A. Rhoads, MSEd., ATC, CSCS
Secretary, New York State Athletic Trainers' Association
Head Athletic Trainer
Eastridge High School

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