Midnight Madness Kicks Off 2014 Season

12:01am on August 18 was the perfect night for the 11th annual Eastridge Lady Lancer Field Hockey Midnight Madness. Cool weather. No rain. No wind. Twenty-one young field hockey players ready to have some fun on our fantastic Lancer Stadium turf. The photos tell the story:

About Eastridge Lady Lancer Midnight Madness

Eastridge Lady Lancer Field Hockey had its first midnight practice in 2004. This year marks 11 years of starting the field hockey season in the first minute of the first hour of the first day of preseason. The tradition was started under long-time Eastridge Field Hockey Coach Linda Adams (Varsity Field Hockey Coach 1969-2008). She still attends Midnight Madness each year to officiate the scrimmage portion of the practice. 

We call this first practice of the season Midnight Madness. Eastridge field hockey players and their families are fully committed to Midnight Madness. It is an established Eastridge field hockey tradition that players look forward to all year. The event creates a unique bonding experience for the players that helps to establish a close-knit group right from the first day of practice.

We thank East Irondequoit Athletic Director Bob Crocetti for making Midnight Madness possible. He attends Midnight Madness each year and also coordinates with maintenance staff and security to open the stadium to our team in the middle of the night. We greatly appreciate his constant support of this field hockey tradition at our school.


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