You should be working on all five areas below during the summer. Strength, Running/Stamina & Agility 3x per week. All of stick skills and hits can be worked on daily. Try to set a specific time each day to complete these tasks.

Priority 1: Strength Training

Use this link. It is a simple 9minute workout that requires no equipment. Try to do it 3x per week.


Priority 2: Running & Stamina

Volt conditioning weekly workouts. Just follow them in order whenever you have the opportunity to work out. There are 12 workouts. Just get through as many weeks as possible. Improvise cones. Follow instructions on sheet. CLICK HERE TO VIEW CONDITIONING WORKOUTS


Priority 3: Ball and Stick Skills

  • Ball and stick control. Watch these three videos. Try to do this drills for 5-10min at least 3x per week. Improvise cones:
  • Air dribble. Try to increase your number of taps. Try to self start your air dribbles. As you get better, vary the height of the taps and tap on edges of stick as well as flat side.


  • Yard stick pulls. With feet shoulder width apart and standing in athletic stance with knees bent. Work on pulling ball from left foot to right foot. Work to get this as fast and controlled as you can.  


Priority 4: Drives, Powerful Push Passes, Reverse Hits and Aerials/Flicks/Overheads

Hopefully you can find a wall against which you can practice drives, pushes and aerials. Try to do 25 of each every time you are able to practice. Go for strength on those push passes (get low and use your legs!)


Priority 5: Agility

Volt agility workouts. Just work your way through them as you have time. Improvise cones and ladders.

 Try to do any three exercises 3x per week. Follow instructions on sheet. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AGILITY DRILLS

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