Will you be at our All American Field Hockey Camp at EHS Stadium Monday July 23, Tuesday July 24 and Wednesday July 25?

To the extent that it is possible, we would like 100% participation among those who are planning to play field hockey at EHS this Fall. Please DO NOT let the $199 registration fee deter you. We will have several car washes to help you earn money you need for camp.

  • If you are in town and available July 23, 24 and 25 AND you WANT TO attend our All American Field Hockey Camp, please answer YES below.
  • If you will be out of town... attending summer school... have some other prior commitment... or simply are not interested in attending, please answer NO.
  • I need replies from all returning EHS FH players ASAP (no later than May 22).
  • NO MONEY IS DUE until the end of June (50% deposit). The balance can be paid the morning of the first day of camp. If you earn the camp registration fee in your FH fundraising account, I will simply deduct that amount from your account prior to camp.

Thanks, Coach Fischer

P.S. Use the NOTES section below to share any questions or concerns. with me.

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Will you be attending our All American Field Hockey Camp @EHS Stadium July 23, 24 and 25? *
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