ATTEND ALL PRACTICES. We will accomplish more in less time if all players are at all practices. Your teammates rely on you to be there for them.

BE PUNCTUAL. Show up early (at least 15min BEFORE scheduled start of practice). Be dressed and ready to go BEFORE scheduled practice time. Work on stick skills, help with equipment and setting up the field or start stretching. DO NOT just sit around doing nothing.

SHOW YOUR COMMITMENT. Arrive at practice and games ready to get to work. Have all of your equipment and the right attitude to “give it your all” for our entire practice. Every practice is your opportunity to earn your playing time — show up everyday, have a smile of your face, work your hardest, and show your commitment to the team and to getting better… that is how you earn playing time.

BE ADAPTABLE. Be willing to play any position at any time that it is needed. Respect the coach’s decision on where you will be playing in any game and give it your best effort for the good of the entire team.

BE AGGRESSIVE. EHS FH needs to continue being completive in a very tough division. We will achieve this by being competitive in practices. FH is an increasingly physical sport. Our philosophy at EHS is to play with skill and finesse to beat our opponents. High intensity practices will prepared us for the more physical play in Section V — especially at the varsity level. We will strive to counter the physical style of play with greater speed, teamwork, communication and skill. Never stand and watch in practices. Always move. Always talk to your teammates. Always run when getting back in lines for drills. Always give 110%.  

CONSTANTLY WORK AT IMPROVING YOU. Never point a finger at a teammate. If something does not work for you in a game or in practice. Point the finger at yourself and figure out what you could have done differently to have a better outcome. This is called having a “growth mindset.” Athletes with a growth mindset focus on the process of getting better, seek input and appreciate feedback. Growth mindset athletes do not waste time pointing fingers and blaming others, they look within to improve themselves and their team.

BE CONFIDENT. I’d rather you try something in a game or practice and fail, then to never try at all. In sports, you learn through high repetition of skills, tactics and strategies. As you repeat these things, you get better. As you get better, you get more confident. So. let yourself make mistakes. Brush it off and try again. Confidence is something that builds over time.

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